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Company & General Information

What does Balineum mean?
Balineum is a Latin word meaning bath-house or room for bathing. We chose it because it perfectly describes our focus.

How do I pronounce Balineum?
We say BAL-I-NEUM which references the ancient Greek form of the word. You can also say BA-LIN-EUM.

Where is Balineum based?
Our headquarters are in London and we have a distribution centre in the UK. Our manufacturers are located all around the world.

Do you have a store? Where are your products stocked?
We do not have our own store. A selection of our products are currently stocked in Selfridges on Oxford Street and Liberty of London.

820 Anatolia towels (White, Clay and Duck Egg)
820 Anatolia bath mat (White, Clay and Duck Egg)

820 Anatolia bath mat (White, Clay, Sage and Duck Egg)
Unito bath mat

I am a retailer interested in stocking Balineum products, do you sell wholesale?
We only work with very select wholesale partners and only with certain product lines. Please contact our sales team to discuss your interest.
Email: orders@balineum.co.uk
Phone: +44 (0)207 431 9364

I am an interior designer with a particular project, who should I contact?
Contact our head office to discuss your project needs.
Email: orders@balineum.co.uk
Phone: +44 (0)207 431 9364

I am a hotel interested in buying your products, who should I contact?
Contact our head office to discuss your particular needs.
Email: orders@balineum.co.uk
Phone: +44 (0)207 431 9364

I want to work for Balineum, who do I contact?
Check out the Employment section of our website.

What does Balineum do about environmental issues?
This is something we think about a lot, because we all have an impact on the world we live in. We believe that we have a moral responsibility to provide our customers with quality products that won't need to be readily discarded or replaced. We use sea or road freight for our shipments, rather than air, and use packaging that can be recycled. We work with manufacturers who are also environmentally concerned and when feasible we use organic materials. It's a start and we're looking at ways to improve our environmental performance further. We also believe simply describing something as eco, green or organic doesn't make us environmentally or socially sound. There are consequences resulting from all consumption's and we like to consider the overall impact of our decisions.

Is Balineum concerned about ethical trading?
We are. Our suppliers are chosen because of quality not price. We only work with established and professional manufacturers. We regularly visit our manufacturers. We also believe that paying our suppliers in a timely manner, and paying them fairly, is an important part of running our business.

Who do I contact for Press Inquiries?
For any press enquiries, releases, image requests, event ideas and product loans please contact Harriet Bulwer-Long info@elizabethmachinpr.com.