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Product & Care Information


I'd like to see or touch your products before buying them?
A small selection of our products can be found at Liberty of London (towels and baskets). We also have a simple home office in NW3. You are welcome to come see us in person, but we ask that you please email or call in advance to book a time. There is usually someone available between 9-6pm daily. We have samples of many items in our office but not all items - so be sure to ask us if you are looking to see a particular item.

Where are your products made?
We work with suppliers in Portugal, Lithuania, Turkey, China, France and the UK. We select our suppliers entirely on the quality of their craftsmanship. We really do search the world over for the very best products.

What kind of guarantee do you offer?
We're confident that our products will look great for a long time to come that we effectively offer a lifetime guarantee - you can return any item to us, at any time, in any condition for a full refund or store credit. (Unless you are being really cheeky - like trying to return towels after using them every day for 5 years - then we reserve the right to say "don't be cheeky".)

I like the bath used in your photographs, where can I buy that bath?
Our shower curtains were photographed at Catchpole & Rye or The Water Monopoly.

Shower Curtains

Your shower curtains seem expensive compared to other shower curtains, why?
Balineum shower curtains are completely different to the single curtain polyester or synthetic shower curtains available in most European department stores. Balineum's bath shower curtains are made with fine quality cotton and linen and are designed to last for many, many years. Both the curtain and its liner can be washed, and because we sell them separately, the shower curtain liner, if need be, can be replaced at any time without needing to replace the fabric curtain. There is nothing that can replicate the true luxury of real, natural fabrics - cotton and linen - and we work with some of Europe's finest cloth manufacturers to create our products.

I have a modern bathroom - your products are shown with an antique bath - will Balineum shower curtains still work in my bathroom?
Yes. Our products are designed to work in all styles of bathrooms. In fact the company founders use the Alison and Gail shower curtains in their bathrooms, and both have more modern style bath-tubs and bathrooms.

How do I hang the fabric shower curtain and the liner?
Both the shower curtain liner and fabric shower curtains have 12 button holes and hang from the same set of 12 curtain rings. The clear curtain liner sits inside the bath basin, the fabric curtain hangs to the outside of the bath basin. See also the Product Care section under Bath Shower Curtains.

Do I need to do anything to the liner or fabric curtain before hanging them?
We recommend ironing your fabric curtain before hanging, to remove the heavy fold creases. It does not need to be washed before you hang it.
The liner will also be creased when you open it, you can lightly steam it if you wish, but will hang straight over time.

Do I have to use a liner with your fabric curtain?
Yes. The inner shower curtain liner protects the outer fabric shower curtain. The fabric shower curtain can get wet as it made from natural fabrics, but daily use without a liner would shorten its life. The shower curtain liners we have designed are both functional and discrete. The thickness of the plastic and polyester and the clever addition of magnets in its hem means it sits flush against the basin, saving you from "curtain attack" while you shower. Simply sponge down or machine wash whenever it needs cleaning. Because we sell them seperately, you can replace your liner without having to replace your fabric curtain.

How do I care for and clean my curtain and liner?
The fabric shower curtain is protected by the liner, so it is unlikely to get dirty. However, if you want to wash it now and then, you can machine-wash it. We recommend washing at 30-40 degrees celsius. You can iron or steam your fabric curtain whenever you like. A little starch or easy iron can be used too. (A little trick we've learnt from ironing many fabric shower curtains, is to iron the curtain folded in half so it fits on the board, working along in segments, and to use a little starch on the curtain edges - it really finishes the presentation.)

To clean the liner, simply sponge or wash it in your machine. Your liner will face wear and tear - if we could remove limescale from the water supply, we would - so if need be, you can replace your liner without having to replace your fabric curtain.


What's special about Balineum towels?
We have two styles of luxury towels, both selected for their premium design and performance.

The 820 Anatolia is our classic terrry towel with an inlaid border. Thick, luxurious and extremely absorbent, we think these are the very best terry towels in the world. At 820 grams per square meter, they use more cotton and a higher density of loops per centimetre than any other towels we've seen in Europe, so they are literally thicker, heavier and more absorbent.

What's the best way to care for my towels?
These tips should help ensure a long life for your towels and keep them looking great:

  • Wash before first use.
  • Avoid hot water. All natural fabrics prefer a cool to warm wash, so only use hot wash if you have to.
  • To keep colours true, avoid detergents containing OBAs (optical brightening agents). Minimise bleaching. You can bleach whites, but do it only occasionally as bleaching erodes the strength of the cotton fibres.
  • Wash separately. Deep coloured towels will bleed a little in the first few washes, so wash separately at first. White towels should always be washed separately because they will pick up colour from other items over time.
  • Avoid fabric softener at all costs. If there's one thing we can't stress enough, it's to stay away from fabric softener. Made with silicone, it coats the fibres making them virtually water repellent and will destroy your towel's absorbency.
Other useful tips for Anatolia 820 towels

100% cotton terry towels reach their full absorbency, softness and fluff potential after they've been washed several times.

Use only tiny amounts of mild detergent. The density of these towels encourages lathering, so use less detergent than you think you need.

Dry by air or tumble dryer. If you like your towels soft and fluffy, tumble-dry them on a low heat setting. For those who prefer to air-dry their towels, shake after removing from the machine and again before folding away to help fluff the loops.

Neaten up snags. We've chosen a tight loop yarn which is less likely to snag, but if it does, you can safely cut the loose thread at the same height as the other loops. This will neaten up your towel without in any way affecting its performance or durability.

Other useful tips for Syrie towels

These hand-spun, hand-loomed towels will become softer with each wash.