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Design Notes August 2011 Nopi Restaurant

Leave it to designer Alex Meitlis and the crew behind Ottolenghi to create yet another gastronomic delight. Nopi, the multisensory establishment named after its location north of Piccadilly Circus, leaves your taste buds tickled and, in the case of the loo, your eyes dazzled… The jewel box of a WC is lined with floor-to-ceiling mirrors creating a glamorous fun-house effect (or in my case a rush of childhood memories, watching my endless reflection in the opposing mirrors of my mother’s dressing room). 

Beyond the captivating infinity mirrors, what’s really striking is the inspired use of polished brass. Like gold and diamonds it’s a perfect pairing, instantly warming up the space in a way that nickel never could. And it’s not just in the restrooms. Brass adorns the tabletops, bar tops and light fixtures, even the 1920’s entrance doors that once graced Harvey Nichols
Design Notes August 2011 Nopi Restaurant

The take away? Polished brass is back! Once considered old-fashioned, Nopi shows that brass can be done in a thoroughly modern way. And incase I’m not convincing enough, the brasserie was recently awarded a highly coveted “Gourmet” Award during Condé Nast Traveller’s annual Innovation and Design Awards this past spring. See it for yourself at 21-22 Warwick Street, London W1B 5NE, +44(0)207.494.9584.

Monika Eyers
Editor, Design Notes

Photograph © Winkypedia


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