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Design Notes March 2013 Reinvention

I can’t say for sure but looking at this photograph I’ll be darned if that vanity didn’t enter this world as a sideboard. The idea of breathing new life into outdated furniture isn’t a novel one (a bit of sanding and a fresh coat of paint go a long way) but this image perfectly demonstrates how you can take it a step further, fully reinventing that hand-me-down dresser by adapting it for the bathroom instead. 

It’s not exactly a do-it-yourself kind of project but if you’re looking for a truly one-of-a-kind piece, this is a great way to go. Simply commission a local stone supplier to use the existing top as a template for a new stone overlay then have a plumber add a countertop basin, tucking the necessary pipes inside. Voila! Yesterday’s trash is transformed into today’s treasure. 

Design Notes March 2013 Reinvention

Don’t have something suitable on hand? With spring finally rearing its head car boot sales will soon be popping up en masse. Check out Car Boot Junction for a list in your area. Auction houses like Criterion in London are another great option. In contrast to heavyweights like Sotheby’s and Christie’s, these smaller houses tend to carry gently used items of less than significant provenance that command far more reasonable bids.

Monika Eyers
Editor, Design Notes

Photograph © Unknown


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