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Design Notes November 2012 Tim Walker

To open the pages of fashion photographer Tim Walker’s latest book, Story Teller, is to step inside his eccentric world and be transported on a magical journey. Known for crafting bewitching sets for editorials spanning Vanity Fair to Vogue, this is the third in a series of monographs covering Walker’s prowess. While there may be no bathrooms in his latest release, there’s an overflow of jaw dropping images to make up for it (and you can always spot a few in his previous book, Pictures).

Walker is perhaps exclusively courted for his breathtaking ability to make the impossible possible. Think Alice in Wonderland meets Peter Pan. Be it life-size toy soldiers or thousands of hawthorn blossoms cascading down a manor house stairwell… illuminated dresses dangling from trees like Christmas lights or glistening snow pouring, avalanche-style, through the window of a country house… or as illustrated here, 200 blue balloons filling a bathroom at Eglingham Hall or pink foam spilling out of the bath at the Ritz in Paris. His pictures are poetic, inspiring us to think outside the box and hopefully channel a bit of childhood’s joie-de-vivre into our own lives as well. After all, isn’t your home your own personal set to craft?

Design Notes November 2012 Tim Walker

To get even more acquainted with Walker’s work, pop over to Somerset House where an exhibition boasting 150 photographs along with artefacts from various shoots is on show through 27 January 2013.

Monika Eyers
Editor, Design Notes

Photograph © Tim Walker


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