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Design Notes October 2013D esign Blogging in the UK

Whenever I have a bit of down time I like to curl up on the sofa with my laptop and a latte (or cabernet, depending on the time) and troll through a bookmarked selection of design blogs. To my dismay, I recently noticed how few of them were coming out of the UK. With such a rich history of design here, I found this absence an utter tragedy. So I decided it would only be appropriate to give a shout out to the British blogs I’ve enjoyed perusing and also ask our readers to please email me any that you think should be on our radar!

In (mostly) alphabetical order:

Ben Pentreath Inspiration
A behind the scenes look at Ben’s life, this is less “design blog” than a glimpse into what inspires one of our favorite aesthetes. Careful though, read it too often and you may begin to think you’re friends in real life.

Celt Style
Interiors journalist and former London resident Cathy O’Cleary is now back home in Ireland penning a blog that celebrates design and craft in the Celtic regions of her homeland as well as Brittany, Cornwall, Scotland and Wales.

Design Hunter
More a proper website than a blog in the traditional sense, this site is bursting with content that’s conveniently organized by category. Its creator, Helen Powell, is really (but not really) an editor filtering the latest design trends from her home base in Warwickshire.

Just a Little Joy
With a front row seat to thoughtful interior design, Elle Decoration’s Homes Editor, Tessa Pearson, has crafted a wonderful spot for discovering new shops, trying out new recipes and spying new styles, all peppered with little bits from her home life to boot.

Modern Country House
Full of inspiring ideas for your inner-renovator, the owner of an Edwardian-era house in the Cotswolds chronicles her home’s transformation into a lovely greige oasis, complete with big beautiful pictures and plenty of “how to’s.”

Pacha Design Journal
When you’re two furniture designer/makers based on the coast between Devon and Cornwall, inspiration is sure to be flowing. This duo’s blog feels utterly authentic and celebrates craft to joyous effect.

Rita Konig
Interior designer, journalist and daughter of Nina Campbell, I love checking in on Rita’s blog and her eternally chic recommendations. Sadly, she seems a bit too busy to keep it up as of late but scroll through earlier posts and hope she fills the gap soon!

All The Best
Ok she’s technically American but Ronda Rice Carman lives in Scotland and her blog is a virtual encyclopedia of all things stylish. See our previous coverage here.

Monika Eyers
Editor, Design Notes


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