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  • Description

    From the grand Florentine tradition of marbelising paper to the ethereal nature of the cosmos, there are multiple references behind this riveting collection of cement tiles. Each piece is fashioned by stirring colourful liquid cement by hand. The resulting patterns capture a moment frozen in time - when the swirling has ceased - meaning no two will be exactly alike. Available in 10 colour ways and 3 sizes as standard. 

    Download a copy of the Swirls Catalogue here

  • Dimensions

    Square 20: 200 (w) x 12 (h) x 200 (d) mm 
    Square 60: 600 (w) x 17 (h) x 600 (d) mm 
    Hexagon 20: 200 (w) x 12 (h) x 230 (d) mm 

  • Care

    Suitable for: 
    Floors, Exterior Walls, Interior Walls, Fireplace Surrounds, Kitchen Splashbacks, Bathrooms and Wet-rooms.

    Not suitable for: 
    Swimming Pools.

    Clean tile surfaces with a non-abrasive, mild and PH neutral cleaner. Neutral cleaners are devoid of acids, caustics, harsh fillers, or abrasives that could scratch the surface of the tile. 

    Download detailed Swirls Cement Tiles Installation & Maintenance Instructions

  • Price List & Downloads

    Download the Swirls Catalogue 
    Download the Swirls Price List
    Contact us for more information and to order

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