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Graffiti Style

Graffiti Style

With the Olympics in full swing, it’s safe to say there’s a lot of energy flowing through the UK at the moment. If you’re feeling creative (and adventurous) try unleashing some of that energy on your walls. The bathroom is the perfect place to experiment with bold gestures and as an art form graffiti has never been hotter. An entire neighborhood in Miami, Florida has even been dubbed a living museum thanks to the proliferation of buildings swathed in the vibrant work of an international array of street artists.

If you’re not feeling quite so gutsy, head to a local art school and tack an advert on the notice board - you’ll get any number of budding talents ready to try their hand at your walls. Look to former fashion exec Claire Weiss’ home for inspiration. A mural painted by artist and set designer Mark Beard commands her living room and is a constant conversation piece. Inspired by a 1948 Picasso it was executed with a decidedly post-modern nod.

Want to see the finished product before you commit? Do as interior designer Kelly Wearstler did. Though it’s often said that her two boys had a hand in “defacing” the entryway, she actually hung hand-painted wallpaper from Porter Teleo (it’sa custom colourway of artist Kelly Porter’s Tangled design).  

What’s so brilliant about these looks is that they embrace the brush stroke and throw caution to the wind where pattern is concerned. In effect, you simply can’t mess up! Try a single wall to create a focal point or go for the gold and cover the whole lot.

Photograph © Thomas Loof, Francois Halard