Trade Discounts & Samples Policy

Trade Discounts

We use trade discounts at Balineum to recognise interior designer and architect clients for their regular custom. It is a recognition that these customers:

  • are working with us on multiple projects and over multiple years
  • have knowledge and experience and therefore don’t need as much hand-holding and staff time through the order process

We are often asked by individuals, or new customers, for discounts. Whilst we are always sympathetic to this request, we are aware an order with Balineum may feel like a large order to the individual placing it, and it is commonly only one part of a very expensive overall project, we don’t have the ability to discount orders to individuals or new customers.

Balineum products are expensive because they are handmade, not because we have large mark ups. Our pricing reflects the cost of the product and time and effort in making it.  We are a small team and we care about working with customers in a meaningful way. Discounting every order undermines this, and would mean quite simply, we would go out of business.

So whilst we understand you may want to ask us for a discount, please do not be offended when we say no. Trade discounts are only offered at our discretion and to our highest value and most regular customers. 


Qualifying trade customers can have 5 tile samples free of charge for their library. Shipping these samples will need to be paid for outside the UK. Any further samples above 5 (to keep) will need to be purchased.

Alternatively, samples can also be loaned and returned after client meetings free of charge (only for UK customers).

We are regularly asked to give away samples, especially for tiles. Tile samples are actual products, not small cuttings from a larger run. Tile samples need to be made by hand and typically take 8-10 weeks to make.

Unlike wallpaper, fabric or paint swatches – tile samples can’t be just popped in an envelope with Royal Mail. Most tiles weigh 500g each, and need to go out in well wrapped boxes by courier (most tile sample requests are too heavy for Royal Mail).

All individual customers will need to purchase samples and pay for shipping these. Shipping is £11.75 inc VAT with UPS within UK, ROW priced on request. Purchased samples can be returned for a refund.

Please also be careful when sending back samples – too frequently we receive back envelopes of tile rubble. Customers will not be refunded for samples returned broken.