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House Savvy

House Savvy

Let’s be honest, January is notorious for making impossible-to-keep resolutions. So instead of jumping in head first with some massive bathroom makeover, take a cue from this ruminating couple. In what was a rather nondescript space, they followed our cardinal rule and tackled the bathroom as they would any other room – literally. By pulling in elements from the rest of the house it’s easy to add a bit of flair.


This isn’t exactly a large bathroom but sometimes more is more. So rather than leaving empty space, they pulled in an antique chair that’s just the right side of worn. It’s a soft touch that seriously warms up the room while providing the perfect place for draping your robe. Also not afraid of a little pattern-on-pattern, the combination of checkered floor tiles and a vintage, striped shower curtain looks far from restless. It actually draws your eye in and gives the room a serene, cozy feel.

Follow their lead with a few simple accessories and you’re on your way to an easy update. No extra art lying around? Try doodling a few line drawings and watch how a mat and frame transform them. And while that bust definitely makes a statement, a topiary, stack of books or any large “objet” would do. With that in mind, start pillaging your house for a few of your own savvy additions. But please remember our other cardinal rule - while this shower curtain was tucked in for the photoshoot, in real-life that’s a serious no-no. Fabric curtain out, liner in.

Photograph: Pieter Estersohn