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Canada’s House & Home Magazine

Canada’s House & Home Magazine

If 2011 is finally the year for ticking that bathroom renovation off your to-do list the big question is often where to start. If you’re like us, you’ve got your own personal archive of back issues of every interior design magazine on the shelves and can spend hours upon hours thumbing through them, flagging pages ripe with ideas. For the less obsessed, it’s a wonder where to begin. Magazines are definitely a great jumping off point but who’s to say the current issue on newsstands has exactly what you’re looking for? Then there’s the internet, bursting with information but navigating all those websites can feel like a never-ending maze.

Why not combine the best of both and start with magazine websites? Some of them are merely teasers for the current issue but others are a virtual treasure trove of ideas, advice and resources. One magazine that has hit the nail on the head, no matter where you live, is Canadian House & Home. While we love local sites like Living Etc and Homes & Gardens, Canada’s H&H steps it up a notch, offering not just endless galleries of inspiring images but also a wealth of articles on topics like choosing between floor materials (what’s durable, what’s high maintenance, what’s eco-friendly); planning tips for installation (including sample layouts, dimensions and space requirements – so you’ll know if that gorgeous double washbasin is really practical); plus paint calculators and even house tour videos. Perhaps most importantly, it’s organized in easy-to-navigate sections so that all bathroom content is in one place.

And if all that isn’t useful enough, there’s also a FREE iPad app to boot (search for House & Home Magazine’s orange H&H icon). 

Photograph © House & Home Magazine