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Where design is concerned, I am a notorious hunter-gatherer, falling whole-heartedly into both camps in my quest for inspiring images. Over the years I’ve compiled a digital dossier in a destruction-proof Lacie hard drive that proves to be an endless source of reference. The bathrooms folder alone has a whopping 594 images and is surrounded by countless other folders (bedrooms, kitchens, entryways, stairwells, gardens, cookware, hardware, the list goes on). 

So the fact that I love Pinterest should be a no-brainer but in truth, I eschewed it for ages. For the uninitiated, it’s a website where users pin images onto a virtual mood board. You can create your own boards as well as search and follow other’s. But something about the world at large being able to see my “pins” felt a bit too exhibitionist for me. Then I found out that you’re permitted three private boards so I gave it a go. I am now officially obsessed!

With the likes of House & Garden’s Decoration Editor, Gabby Deeming, and antiques dealer Leopoldina Haynes on Pinterest, users can peruse a constantly updated stream of images that may otherwise never have crossed their paths. Click on any given picture and you’re immediately taken to its source. Keep scrolling and you’ll get recommendations for similar. In fact, the only thing that’s missing is the ability to search the boards of people you’re following. (You can search your own boards or the entire site but I’d love to search just the boards of the people I follow, should anyone from Pinterest be reading this…). Balineum’s page is still in its infancy but do stay tuned and consider yourself forewarned – it’s completely addictive!

Monika, Editor, Design Notes 

Photographs © Liz Williams, Stephen Sills