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Located off the beaten track in southwest Turkey, the remote town of Denizli is where our plush Anatolia towels are meticulously woven. Having spent our fair share of time visiting the factory there, we’ve grown to adore Turkey; and thanks to the World of Interiors-meets-National Geographic style of Cornucopia, we get a little dose of Turkish inspiration in the mail three times a year. The magazine bills itself as “Turkey for Connoisseurs” and it’s nothing short of a visual feast!

The current issue, Cornucopia’s 41st, boasts their first-ever coverage of the grand hammams of Istanbul. For the 38-page story, photographer Fritz von der Schulenburg was charged with capturing the stunning interiors of a select group of Turkish baths adorning the city. Some are more timeworn than others but all evoke a curiosity for the days when the bath was an extravagant, even social, event.

We’re filing this one away for some lofty future renovation project. Add to the wish list copious amounts of white marble streaked with blurry hues of grey, blue or brown. Note the slew of towels casually draped on hooks rather than hidden off in a cupboard. And what about those ornately carved washbasins with exotic brass taps? Not only are they inspiring but they’re also still available - for a price. A few 19th-century examples sold at Christie’s last month for just over £3,000! We can dream can’t we?

Bonus – an annual subscription to Cornucopia comes with a yearly discount at London’s Daunt Books as well as various shops and hotels throughout Turkey.

Photography © Fritz von der Schulenburg