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The Holiday Hostess

The Holiday Hostess

The days are getting shorter and fall is inevitably turning to winter. The scent of freshly roasted chestnuts has begun to fill the air, Bonfire night is around the corner and with the holiday season soon upon us, a rotating gang of houseguests are sure to descend on your home. For the latter, cleanliness is next to Godliness but beyond that there’s nothing like a well-stocked bathroom to make your guests feel welcome and looked after.

Why not start taking stock now so you have plenty of time to get things in order? Extra towels and washcloths are obviously top of the list, followed by a supply of new toothbrushes and toothpaste and of course a stash of loo roll (tucked out of sight but always accessible). For real thoughtfulness however, take it a step further and think like a hotel chambermaid. Stock the guest bathroom with all the necessary trappings and then some: A new bar of soap left in the shower and on the sink is always polite and, when left in its original packaging, tells your guests it’s there just for them (try Fresh in London for gorgeously wrapped bars that leave your skin feeling feathery soft). A jar of cotton balls and swabs are always useful as are a selection of face and body moisturizers. Think oil-free, it will go easy on all skin-types. If you have a spare bathrobe leave that out as well. No one wants to make a mad dash from the hall bathroom wrapped in nothing but a towel when robes are often too bulky to pack. Even slippers would surely be appreciated as winter floors can be oh so cold! 

And don’t forget the details, now that the season has turned, swap out those crisp summer candles for something a bit heavier. Woody scents like amber weigh in nicely and Dyptique’s Chêne is a real favorite. We're sure you’ve already got a bedside carafe as any good hostess would, so add a packet of Nurofen to the vanity and your guests can recuperate from the festivities with discretion!

Photographs © Jeff McNamara, Peter Margonelli