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Discover and Deliver

Discover and Deliver

I’ve been known to be quite the sleuth, spotting things when I’m out and about and then making a mission of hunting them down. I even used to pen a monthly column about my various finds, whether it was a pair of bronze door handles from a London eatery or an African side table from a Los Angeles hotel. It’s no surprise then that the new company, Discover & Deliver, is a site after my own heart. Launched three months ago by Isabel Rutland, she traded in her city job after a visit to New York’s Greenwich Hotel inspired her to source its furniture for her own home. Realising there must be others who covet furnishings spotted on holiday, an idea was born to make her design finds accessible to everyone.

With summer finally upon us and the travel season in full swing, chances are you too will find yourself visiting a hotel in the coming months, whether you’re decamping to the south of France or indulging in a weekender “staycation” closer to home. Should something strike your fancy, like Vaughan’s Montferrat Chandelier dangling in a suite at Barnsely House in the Cotswolds, simply snap a photo and send it off to Discover & Deliver. Not only will they track down the manufacturer for you, they’ll also handle the purchase and shipping –to anywhere in the world! This “find it” service is a mere £25 that’s refundable against the eventual purchase. Talk about genius!

Among other things, D&D also boasts a web shop where you’ll find an inventory of tightly edited furnishings from hotels spanning Sao Paolo to Shanghai. Want that armchair from Lime Wood but in a different fabric? They can arrange that too. While the bath selection is as yet untapped, we’re sure it’s only a matter of time… 

Monika, Editor, Design Notes 

Photograph © Barnsley House, Vaughan