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Fabulous Bathrooms

Fabulous Bathrooms

One of the best things about working here at Balineum is checking out amazing bathrooms from around the world, not to mention the incredible homes they're part of and all the lovely things inside them. So we thought we'd start sharing some of the gems we come across every day as part of our search for inspiration. 

First up is the glamorous hotel home of Richard Christiansen, owner of New York advertising agency Chandelier Creative. This fantastic apartment is in New York's Bowery Hotel. That's Richard in the bath (framed by a pair of our Alison curtains!). Check out the full article and see more pictures of Richard's apartment here

Some of us here at Balineum are ex-New Yorkers, so we know and love the Bowery. Next time you're in the Big Apple, drop in for a cocktail in its gothic-style Lobby Bar.

Photographs © Dean Kaufman