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Haute Bohemians

Haute Bohemians

Interiors photographer Miguel Flores-Vianna is up there among the greats. Magazines like The World of Interiors, Cabana, and Vogue continually tap him to shoot the world’s most intriguing houses and his Instagram account is downright transporting. It’s no surprise then that tastemakers and aesthetes from all walks of life welcome Miguel into their homes and trust him to capture, not only their spaces but also their essence. These magical rooms are the subject of his new book, Haute Bohemians, which has just hit bookshelves. In it, Miguel takes us on a journey from Argentina to the Dolomites, with stops in Montauk, Tangier, and Lazio along the way. Whether big or small, cluttered or sparse, these homes share a common poetic thread: They are intimate and personal and curated by the creatives who inhabit them. There is a certain poetry in that which Miguel muses about and which became the barometer for choosing the houses contained within.

In the Oxfordshire home of Bridget and Forbes Elworthy, which happens to be Wardington Manor in Albion, rooms are lined with intricate wood paneling, botanical prints and countless vessels spilling over with freshly cut flowers from the garden. The bathroom, with its whitewashed walls and striped curtains, feels like a Rococo respite from the more Medieval parts of the home. It’s full of lovely ideas, like creating a ledge around a roll top bath so that you have somewhere to plonk your drink or a book as you soak.

Across the Channel in Paris, illustrator Pierre Le-Tan’s home is richly layered with art and textiles and objet. Every corner is bursting with a sense of effortless style, from the acidic green walls to tightly grouped collections of anything and everything, to the towering stacks of books that act almost like another piece of furniture – a trick that would work wonders alongside a bathtub. With these spaces and so many more, like garden designer Madison Cox’s homes in Morocco, artist Alessandro Twombly in Italy, and interior designer Daniel Remouldez in Ibiza, Haute Bohemians promises to be among your most treasured tomes.

Photographs © Miguel Flores-Viana