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Summer Muse

Summer Muse

With summer in full bloom, we retreat to our bathrooms not so much for the warm embrace of a bubble bath or the soothing effects of a steamy shower, but rather to refresh and invigorate. While England is not exactly known for sweltering hot summers, we do have our share of balmy afternoons. (And thank you Councils, for those lovely striped deck chairs dotted around our public parks for lazy lunches and sun worshipping).

In decorating, people are always touting changing the décor to match the season. I wonder if anyone really does this in an age of central heat and air conditioning but for me, the bathroom offers the perfect opportunity. Swap out heavy scented candles for something lighter, like orchid (Esteban Paris offers the most delicate scent) and add a cheery punch of colour to your linens with tonal hand towels. For the biggest impact - on the room and your mood - toss some fragrant garden flowers in a vase or jug. If you don’t have a lot of space, even a single stem in a bud vase will brighten the room. And if you’re fortunate enough to have a window that doesn’t leave you exposed, throw it open and revel in the joys of a mid-shower cross breeze.

For beachcombers, nothing says summertime like a collection of seashells amassed tub-side in a clear glass hurricane. Or go bigger and snatch up a giant clamshell for housing stacks of washcloths, natural sea sponges or mounds of soap. You can easily find the real deal or resin reproductions online to add an instant dose of beach chic. 

Photograph © Michael Skott