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Stud 120 Small

Finish: Brass

Stud 120 Small

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£ 75.28

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  • Description

    Embellish cabinetry, furniture and doors with these decorative studs for a transformative effect. The collection includes a range of options from plain styles to highly intricate designs. All are made of solid brass and available in multiple finishes, with other finishes available on request. Handcrafted in Europe.

  • Dimensions

    63 (h) x 63 (w) x 19 (d) mm

  • Care

    Wipe metal surfaces gently with a soft damp cloth; use a neutral liquid soap with water for daily cleaning. Rinse completely with water and dry off any residue with soft flannel cloth. Avoid abrasive materials such as scouring pads to clean surfaces. Avoid harsh chemical cleaners.

    For unlacquered brass products, Brasso can be used to return products to original shine, removing the effects of age and natural tarnishing if desired. For polished nickel and chrome products, window cleaner or Peek Polish can be used sparingly to restore lustre. All other metal finishes, particularly aged finishes must be treated with caution, avoiding most cleaning products. A damp cloth for spot cleaning is best. A specialist metal cleaner may be used but test discretely before full application.

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