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Marble Shelf Single Grigio

Shelf Single Grigio

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£ 402.74

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  • Description

    This marble shelf has been designed to be used with our Gotham washstand and match our marble countertops.

  • Dimensions

    20 (h) x 400 (w) x 892 (l) mm

  • Care

    Wash surfaces gently with a soft damp cloth; use a neutral liquid soap with water for daily cleaning. For additional cleaning as needed, use a nonabrasive, mild and PH neutral cleaner. Do not use bleach or acidic cleaners, ammonia, abrasive or soft paste cleaners, vinegar, alcohol, window cleaner or lemon juice. Do not use abrasive cleaning pads, steel wool, metal brushes or scouring pads as these will scratch the stone surface. Wipe up any remaining water off countertops after use as over time water may leave behind mineral deposits.

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